I’ve just received my invoice for this year’s maintenance fees

It’s that time of year that a lot of holiday club and timeshare owners hate; the dreaded invoice arrives for your holiday club or timeshare, and once again the fees have increased. At Bronze Services Europe Ltd, we could help to make this the very last invoice that you receive for your timeshare maintenance fees.

It’s worth remembering that we never condone refusing to pay these invoices, this only makes claiming a refund for mis-sold timeshare even more difficult, because in essence, you’re breaking a contract. If, after assessment, we believe that you have a valid claim, any payments that you make will simply be added on to the total claim value.

(Example: Your timeshare fees today total £10,000 and you’ve received an invoice for 2019/20 at an additional £2,500 which you then pay. Your total claim amount will be updated to reflect this payment and your total claim will then be for £12,500).

So, how can Bronze Services Ltd. help you at this time?

  • Free initial consultation
    This consultation will usually take place at your home, but can be arranged at a location to suit you. During this consultation we will gather further information regarding your current holiday club or timeshare commitments, details of the contract and fees already paid.
  • No upfront payment
    Everyone has heard of timeshare scams, and unfortunately we’ve worked with many clients who have been subjected to these. To give our clients complete peace of mind, we charge nothing up front – our fees will only be recovered once your claim is successful and has been paid out.
  • No exit, no fee service
    All of our work is conducted on a no exit, no fee basis – this way, our clients know that we are working for them because, if for any reason a claim is unsuccessful, we don’t get paid. Further peace of mind for any prospective clients.
  • Transparent service
    Our service is 100% transparent and we will keep you updated at every stage of the process. You can contact our team any time to request an update; either by email, or by giving us a call during office hours. We can’t give you a timescale on how long a claim may take – there are a lot of factors that can change how long the process takes – but at least you’ll know what stage your claim is it at all times.

Interesting in what we are offering? Why not book a free consultation, there is no-obligation to use our services, even after the consultation. You really have nothing to lose… except your timeshare!


  1. I was very sceptical when I was cold called by Bronze but decided to go with them as there really was no upfront payment. We had a timeshare in Spain which we bought with our eyes open 20 years ago and which we had used regularly. We were not claiminng that we had been mis-sold but we no longer used it and wanted rid of it to stop the maintenance fees. The resort itself was of no help whatsoever and their only suggestion was that we try to sell it through an agency which they recommended and which, of course, was a complete waste of time. Within a matter of weeks, Brian and his team had arranged for the resort to cancel our ownership and we received definitive confirmation of this from both the resort and the trustee company. We were not expecting any refund and were happy to pay Bronze’s fee to do this. We’re very happy to recommend Bronze Services.


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